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Time-out in Lynn Clark’s SOS Help For Parents helps child behavior problems and hyperactivity.
SOS time-out solves problem behavior ADD ADHD and the strong willed child.
How to use SOS timeout reduces stress for parents with not listening children.
Video KIT SOS Help For Parents is an education training program for counselors, psychologist, and group leaders doing group work.

Lesson Plans from DVD Video Leaders Guide - These lesson plans for teaching and counseling, describe how to use the SOS DVD Video and SOS book, in six sessions or classes. The lesson plans are taken from the “DVD Video Leader’s Guide.”

"How do you use the DVD Video Leader's Guide?"

  • Watch a brief video scene with your participants.

  • Read the Questions from your Video Leader’s Guide.

  • Compare Answers that participants give with the Answers in your Video Leader’s Guide.

  • It’s easy! You have all the Questions and Answers right before you.

An effective video discussion and parenting group program is Video KIT SOS Help For Parents.

Parentingworkshops, staff development, and in-service training can benefit from Video KIT SOS Help For Parents.
Download SOS free study sheets, free resources, and downloads at SOS Self Help Programs.

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