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  SOS Self Help for emotions helps people manage self talk, emotional intelligence, depression, and anxiety.

“Therapist approved! I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone interested in improving their emotional intelligence and well-being. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and recognize the value in changing our beliefs to improve emotions (and behaviors). 

I use this regularly with my clients and offer the book to supplement what I teach. This a comprehensive program without being complex. The graphics and simplicity of the material is pleasant to read and easy to follow. This is THE toolbox for anyone wanting to feel better and stay motivated despite what they may be going through. I also happen to know Dr Clark and appreciate his presentations utilizing the DVD.”  Amanda Anguish, Amazon reviewer

  sos help for emotions uses rational emotive behavior therapy, rebt, and mindfulness to reduce anxiety, anger. and depression.
  SOS self help books, dvds, and videos help improve emotional control of feelings and problems.

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