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Albert ellis of rational emotive behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy contributed to sos help for emotions.
Therapists, counselors, and clinics benefit from SOS self help resources.
Dan Goleman of emotional intelligence and EQ contributed to sos help for emotions.
Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis contributed to cognitive behavior therapy and sos resources.

“Therapist approved! I would highly recommend this video kit to anyone interested in improving their emotional intelligence and well-being. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and recognize the value in changing our beliefs to improve emotions (and behaviors). 

I use this kit regularly with my clients and offer Dr Clark's book to supplement what I teach. This is great because no matter who is teaching our group, we are able to keep our groups consistent. This a comprehensive program without being complex. This is THE toolbox for anyone wanting to feel better and stay motivated despite what they may be going through. The DVD's offer real-life examples of how to incorporate the tools you will need to take care of any circumstance you face.” Amanda Anguish, Amazon reviewer

Video SOS Help For Emotions teaches emotional stability by showing irrational self talk and beliefs.
Psychologists, counselors and social workers teach with Video KIT SOS Help For Emotions.

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