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Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, frustration, or depression and looking for ways to help yourself? Or, are you looking for ways to improve the behavior of your child?

SOS Programs & Parents Press publishes books and programs for adults, teens, parents of young children, counselors, and educators to improve emotions and behavior.

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Video SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger,
& Depression

This 87 minute, single DVD is intended for everyone - adults, teens, individuals, groups, counselors, & educators. This Video program teaches self-help methods using rational self-talk, cognitive behavior therapy, and the book SOS Help For Emotions. Included are 6 interviews & scenes for discussion. Also included are reproducible exercises and study sheets.

The Video KIT SOS Help For Emotions is intended for counselors and educators who help adults, teens, individuals, and groups. The KIT includes 4 DVD's (3.5 hours), Video Leader's Guide, SOS Help For Emotions book, and reproducible quizzes, exercises, and study sheets. The video KIT does the teaching. Included are 46 interviews & scenes for discussion. "3 & 1/2 hours can change a life."

SOS Help For Emotions Book

Helps adults and teens using self-help and cognitive behavior therapy resources.

Am I responsible for my own emotions or are other people and unpleasant events responsible?

The book SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, And Depression is a self-help program for adults and teens that is easy to read and use. By understanding and applying this program, you will learn useful self-help methods from cognitive behavior therapy. You will gain insight into changing your thoughts and feelings and become more successful in attaining your goals.

Counselors & Educators -
Video SOS Help For Parents KIT

Video SOS Help for Parents KIT is intended for counselors, educators, and clinics and is used for parenting workshops, parent counseling, and in-service training of professionals. You do not need to be an expert in behavior management to present this DVD Video Program.

Part One may be viewed by a group or individually. For Part Two, a group leader should guide the discussion following each of the 43 parenting scenes using the Video Leader's Guide.

Over 12,000 Kits are in use worldwide and are intended to help children 2 to 12 years of age. Reproducible quizzes and study sheets are included. Video SOS Help For Parents KITS are available in English and Spanish.

Counselors & Educators -
Watch A Video Clip

This clip shows counselors and educators how to use the Video SOS Help For Parents KIT to train parents and others in behavior management skills.

SOS Help For Parents Book

Helps children, 2 to 12 years of age, with behavioral or emotional problems.

Do you want to feel more in control as a parent?

SOS Help For Parents is a book and parent education program which helps children, ages two to twelve, to improve their behavior and emotional adjustment. This SOS book teaches over 20 basic methods for helping children. The complete SOS Program includes the SOS Help For Parents book, How To Use Time-Out Effectively audio program, and Video SOS Help For Parents KIT (for counselors and educators), and additional materials.

Our programs for both laypersons and mental health professionals include books, DVD's, CD's, and self-help materials available as free downloads. These programs and resources come from evidence-based techniques and principles of behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and additional approaches for improving emotions and behavior.

SOS books and resources are concrete, easy to understand, and easy to apply. They are highly visual, entertaining, and include self-help exercises. Psychologists, pediatricians, educators, psychiatrists, counselors, and other helping professionals often recommend SOS books. Internationally used, SOS books are effective in different cultures and are published in 18 languages.

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