These sample interviews show video clips from:

"Video SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, & Depression."

This video demonstrates and teaches the importance of "not rewarding bad behavior."   If you do reward inappropriate behavior, you will reinforce that behavior and make it stronger in the future.

Listen to my son Todd describe his reactions to time-out, at age nine. This audio clip (8 minutes) of Todd is taken from SOS How To Use Time-Out Effectively Audio CD Program. This CD is for individual listening and parent workshops.

This video is a small sample from our SOS Help For Parents program available on book, DVD, and audio CD. Over 20 behavior management methods including time-out are taught for handling 46 different problem behaviors.

This video clip shows essential techniques and methods of behavior management which counselors often teach in counseling sessions.  You will find this clip useful, interesting, and sometimes humorous.