SOS Help For Emotions Book

SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, And Depression

Do I feel more “stressed out” by burdens that others place on me, or by burdens that I place on myself?

How can I more effectively cope with pressure, stress, resentment, anger, frustration, worry, tension, or disappointment?

Is there an alternative to either expressing anger or holding it in?

What do I say when I talk to myself? - Detect and replace harmful beliefs and self-talk statements.

The book, SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, And Depression, is a self-help book & program for adults, teens, groups, counselors, and educators. By understanding and applying this program, you can improve your emotional intelligence and learn useful self-help methods from cognitive behavior therapy. You will gain insights for changing your thoughts and feelings, and for becoming more successful in attaining your goals.

English SOS Book
302 Pages
100 Illustrations
302 Pages
100 Illustrations

Video SOS Help For Emotions is a companion to the book SOS Help For Emotions.
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SOS Help For
Managing Anxiety,
Anger, & Depression

Manage Stress, Anxiety, Anger, & Depression.

Read SOS Help For Emotions. Manage your emotions before they manage you!

A great self-help
book using cognitive
behavior therapy!
  • Know your emotions
  • Manage your emotions
  • Attain greater contentment
  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Understand how cognitive behavior therapy can help you
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence

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Self-Talk and Beliefs


"What do I do with my anger,
put the lid on it, or let it boil over?"

"Turn the heat down!"
Your self-talk and thoughts mainly control your anger and other emotions.

Resources for Counselors and Educators:

SOS Help For Emotions book is intended as a handbook for counselors as well as a self-help book for clients.
Charlie’s ABCs Of Emotions Poster illustrates how beliefs & self-talk primarily control emotions and behavior.

Charlie’s ABCs Of Emotions, Right & Left Sides Combination poster, work sheet, and counseling tool teaches adults and teens how to determine Activating Events, Beliefs and Self-Talk, and Consequences of Emotions and Behavior. Make copies for your clients.

ABC Self-Analysis And Improvement Form Ask clients and students to complete three forms a week and to discuss these forms in your weekly appointments. Continue these homework assignments to keep clients involved.

How Self-Talk Causes Emotions Poster This combination poster and counseling tool illustrates crooked vs straight thinking and the three major musts.

Counselors Using SOS Program shows how to use the SOS Help For Emotions book & program in working with your clients. Weekly homework assignments and quizzes are outlined.

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